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About MBB Tribe

Well it began with myself, Abbey! After having two kids of my own and being a stay at home mom! I wanted to feel better about myself. I had gained weight and was depressed in the clothing that I had in my closet. I was too large for Small thru Larges. But could never find anything in store in my size in my area that offered the style of boutique clothing! So I decided to take a leap of faith and form Modern Backroad Boutique from the basement of my house. We had alot of unused space in our basement. So we put up racks and I decided to come up with a name for my Business. The only thing I could think of at the time was because I lived on a dead end road in the country so I decided on the word Backroad. I wanted a modern feel to the clothing that was appropriate and comfortable for all ages. That was how our name came about! Modern Backroad Boutique! It then turned into more for me. Women would come to my house and try on clothing right from the basement of my house. We then decided to branch out and open a physical store. We turned into this tribe of women! Thats exactly what I wanted from all of this. Was for every women no matter the size to feel beautiful and confident in clothing. I wanted boutique clothing for every size which I thought there was a lack of plus size clothing! It is my hope that my customers will enjoy the amazing pieces I offer here at Modern Backroad Boutique and will be inspired to nurture their own creativity. We try to give some outfit ideas in each item description, but naturally, we all have different styles and that's what makes fashion so fun!
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